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Quick Extender Pro User Review


Quick Extender Pro User Review

My Quick Extender Pro Review, Facts and Results 2023

My Quick Extender Pro Review, Facts and Results 2023

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James Carter
·Apr 4, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • Unique Features
  • Review of the Quick Extender Pro packages
  • How to use Quick Extender Pro

I use Quick Extender Pro for more than 6 months and I want to share my experience and results. Penis stretching is the best way to enlarge the penis and Quick Extender Pro is the best device to increase your penis size. I have created a lot of videos on how to use this penis extender and how to make you're routine effective and safe.

I am the owner of the Deluxe Limited Edition package. It includes a lot of accessories:

  • Comfort pads

  • Bars of different lengths

  • Memory Comfort Pads

  • Penis pump

  • Silicone Tubes

  • Additional Tensions springs

You can order the device at the official site https://geni.us/quickextenderpro

Unique Features

  1. Quick Extender Pro provides a DSS system(Double Strap Support). It helps to hold the penis in the system safely and it won't slip out of the extender. It's a common problem that Quick Extender Pro solves.

  2. Memory Foam pads - these comfort pads help to make your penis enlargement routine safe and comfortable. You won't find something similar elsewhere. Comfort is the key to success while wearing penis extenders. You can use standard or Memory comfort pads. Both are included in the Deluxe Limited Standard package.

  3. Bars of different lengths. Quick Extender Pro offers a lot of bars to customize the size of the rods. Measuring your user size and adding new bars every week or two is important. It's important to improve the tension load. With Quick Extender Pro you can use the most accurate settings for the best results

  4. With Quick Extender Pro you've got 3 levels of tension. When you wear the device, you work with the compression. The springs are compressed when you use it and you can see the tension level with those 3 lines. If they are visible, the compression level is zero. When you don't see the first line - your compression is 600 gr

  5. You can use 2 or 1 silicone tube to hold your penis in the extender. A lot of men use only one loop, but if your penis slips out, it's better to use 2 loops.

  6. Antibacterial system. With Memory Foam pads, you can avoid any bacterial infections. These foam pads are breathable, so you can feel comfortable during use

Review of the Quick Extender Pro packages

You can choose one of the four packages available at the official site:

  1. Value Edition - this is the cheapest package. It includes only basic accessories - a few bars, 2 comfort pads, 2 silicone tubes and tension springs 3000 g. This amount of accessories is enough for beginners, but if you're looking for a long-term penis extender, you better choose at least the Deluxe Standard package

  2. The Deluxe Standard package includes more bars, silicone tubes and comfort pads, than the Value edition, this is why this package is recommended for purchase. It includes 3500 g tension springs

  3. Deluxe Limited Edition is the best Quick Extender Pro package. It includes a maximum of accessories: comfort pads, silicone tubes, Memory Foam Pads, a Penis pump

  4. Peyronies and Curvature package includes similar accessories as in Deluxe Limited Edition, but it's cheaper and it's created for penis straightening

How to use Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is a classic penis extender, but it has its own DSS system and a lot of additional accessories for your comfort that you can use to make your penis enlargement or penis straightening routine more comfortable and effective.

How to assemble Quick Extender Pro

  1. You need to measure your user size(subtract 1.6 inches from your erected penis size)

  2. Add bars according to your measurements

  3. Choose how many silicone tubes you will use(one or two) to hold your penis glans

  4. Choose the type of comfort accessories - comfort pads or Memory foam pads

  5. Choose additional accessories like Baind aid for your penis glans. It helps to secure your penis head while you wearing the device

How to use Quick Extender Pro

  1. Use Baind aid to secure your penis head

  2. Insert the penis into the base ring

  3. Compress the tension springs by pressing the extender to your public bone

  4. Insert the penis with one hand into the first loop and tighten it

  5. Insert the tennis into the second loop and tighten it as well

  6. Decompress the springs

  7. Put the extender down in your underwear

  8. You need to wear it at least 30 minutes and made a break after that

  9. You have to wear the device 3-5 hours a day to get results

  10. Add 0,5 cm bar every 7-14 days to improve the tension

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